The Importance of Images On Your Site

It is undeniable, images can help increase the traffic to your site. The pictures on your website can be optimized for keyword searches just like the words on your pages. Google Images has spiders that crawl websites and then ranks individual elements (including image name, image size, image type, image ALT tags, and image TITLE tags)


Putting your target keywords in your images ALT and TITLE tags gives Google more of a reason to both rank your website, but also to rank the images on your website. They want a variety of real images on there. You’ll hardly ever seen a “banner” of a website or anything truly off-topic on Google Images, they’ve done a great job.

That is why relevance, consistency, and an overall eye for detail will help you succeed in your Search Engine Optimization efforts. When I speak of Search Engines, I may only mention Google … and that is unfair. I should also mention Google Maps and Google Images. The other guys, Yahoo! and Bing have a market share, but a rather pitiful one. If you want to market, target Google.

RAW Nuke utilizes a completely Google-Friendly approach. The idea is to talk Google into liking you, using White Hat strategies, diligence, and a constant effort. Google is smart enough to recognize when you’re doing something Black Hat or unethical. They have a certain standard that they want you to live up to – and we know it. We constantly deliver quality, unique content, that is up to the strictest and highest of standards – Google’s.

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